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A&O Realty as an organization, believes in inclusive growth that provides value residences to its customers. It has a legacy of building its business on the strength of fair-play and honesty and these very traits got our promoters together, 7 years ago, to form this organization.

With its core beliefs, A&O Realty is best suited to leverage the recent regulatory changes in the industry and establish itself as one of the developers who will provide whatever it promises, to all its stakeholders.

Having constructed and delivered 4 million square feet over 32 completed projects, A&O Realty has now set its sight on creating an organization that will transform the way customers perceive and experience real estate.

In order to create this enterprise, A&O Realty has embarked on a transformation journey wherein the focus is to build a consumer centric organization. This journey will entail a redesign of all its functions, processes, structures, technology, culture and performance metrics.


Transparency & Reliability

A&O Realty believes in absolute transparency about every detail and dealings with our customers. After all, business is always built on trust. And the company takes pride on its credibility and reputation.


A&O Realty's focus remains on creating more eco friendly projects without disturbing the balance and peace of nature.


It has remained A&O Realty's topmost priority to maintain high quality standards and ensure customer satisfaction.

A&O Realty associates with leading industry professionals to help transform the company's vision into iconic structures and landmarks. With these partnerships and opportunities, A&O Realty is constantly driven to create better tomorrow's for its customers


A&O Realty is constantly upgrading its technology to ensure safety, efficiency and better quality of construction. With it's fresh thinking, A&O Realty encourages creativity, growth and progress with every project.


A&O Realty boasts of a workforce that is driven by passion and performs as a well oiled unit. With this passion and cohesiveness, A&O Realty strives for perfection and challenges itself to raise the bar at every given opportunity.

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